Why is it that even when we know we are doing what is right - right now - for our families, we still let the judgement of others hurt us?

I believe that I am raising my son the best way I know how. And I am proud of the boy he is becoming. He is content, and happy. He knows he is safe, and loved, and that his needs will be met. He is already a loving, affectionate child, and he brings us so much joy...

Yet even in the midst of that confidence - all it takes is a comment, or a look, to make me start doubting my skill as a mother. To make me start believing that I am not the best person for this job and that my gut feelings that I am doing the right thing for us are wrong.

Will these feelings of insecurity ever go away? Will I get stronger with each child that comes into our family and grows into a little person? Or will I feel more judged, and doubt myself more... as my family gets bigger, and my job gets harder?
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