maui's makena grill

Because I'm hungry, and because I love food, my first Maui tidbit is about an amazing little gem of a restaurant that we stumbled across (and stumbled back to a few days later!)...

Chef Marisa Samuel's Makena Grill. Just across the street from Maui's famous Big Beach, Makena Grill is an often packed, tourist and local friendly spot, perfect to grab a bite before (or after!) hitting the beach!

You will find the most flavorful grilled teriyaki chicken and beef (among other things!), succulent fresh island fruits, and ice cold sodas and juices. The food is first come first served... But don't be disappointed if she's out of what you thought you wanted... order something else and you will be pleasantly surprised!

This is the chicken plate...

I forgot to take a picture of the beef plate, because I was too busy inhaling it. Yummmm.

Not much more than a taco stand with a few chairs and one picnic table, at first glance this place doesn't look like much but give it a few moments and the charm begins to show itself.

For those of you who know of Tony Hawk (I didn't - but my husband filled me in!)... apparently he loves this spot almost as much as I do! :o)

I loved the charm and attitude of this place...

And this is a not so great shot of the grill itself, and Chef Marisa chatting away with my family.

Thanks for such great meals Marisa! You definitely made our vacation's top 10 list of memories!

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