thanksgiving food, part 1...

This year, we are looking forward to spending T-day with 28 of our family and friends at my aunt's house over on the other side of the water! Never a quiet holiday with this family! :o)

One of my contributions to the family meal this year are these delicious buttered rosemary dinner rolls! They are so so so good... I had a hard time not eating them all before stashing them in the freezer for Thursday!

I used my grandma's recipe for homemade dinner rolls and then topped them with melted butter, fresh rosemary and sea salt before baking them.

My husband even said they were "amazing!"... And he doesn't usually like it too much when I change things up!

If you're looking for something new and different for Thanksgiving, try these rolls... You won't be disappointed!

Oh, and don't worry family... these won't be the only rolls I'll be bringing this year! :o)
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