my love

3 years ago today I married my best friend.  The man I had been waiting my whole life for.  And I am so glad I did.
Our life is not easy, but it is not worrisome either.  Our life is not pretty, but it is beautiful.  Our life is not without pain and trials, but it is also not without comfort and support.

We love each other.  But most importantly we love our Savior.  He makes us whole, and without Him, we are nothing.

3 years ago we became one, and we are both better people because of having the other in our life.

Andrew, my sweet husband, I love you so much.  Thank you for loving me, and forgiving me, and being patient with me, and for making me a better person.  Thank you for everything you do for me, for us, and for growing a little more each day into the man God is making you.

I love you.  So much.  Forever-Ever.
-your wife.

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