after all that plastic wrap...

It turns out they didn't even need that involved of a sample!  Oh, and my son does not poop on command.  Or maybe he doesn't like going with a piece of plastic wrap stuck to his bum?  I can't say I blame him for that!

So, after a long day of waiting, Bjorn decided NOT to 'perform' and so we headed off for the blood test without his other stuff along!  And it turns out we didn't even need to go through all that!!  They sent us home with a little bag and a card to smear a little 'stuff' on.
And no 30 minute rush necessary!  Why couldn't they have figured this out on the phone when I asked??

Oh well.  What's done is done!  (And now it is done!)  Ha!

Anyways, Bjorn took the blood draw like a champ!  He studied everything they were doing, and only got upset when he saw the blood coming out of the needle and filling up the vial.  But we were able to keep him still, and it was done before you could blink!

He did wanted to show you his owie though.  Or maybe he wanted to show you his cool Band-Aid?  Either way, here it is!

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