baby bjorn - an update

We got the results of Bjorn's blood test back.  He is anemic.  That explains a lot, even though it is only the first piece of the puzzle!

He was given a prescription for iron, and will be starting that today. We're not looking forward to ONE MORE medicine that has to be taken (separately from the other!) on an empty stomach!  As most of you know, a baby's stomach is rarely empty!  Hopefully we will see a quick change in his energy level though!

He spends a lot of his crawling time grunting and moaning the whole way.  I used to think it was just for fun, but now it makes more sense - he is exhausted and weak, but wants to be on the move so badly!  I would whine about that too!!

We have an appointment set up at Childrens Hospital in the beginning of March.  Hopefully it will all turn out to be fine, and just an extra precaution.  We appreciate your prayers that everything is ok!

On a more positive note:  tooth #7 popped through yesterday!!  :o)  7 down, WAY too many more to go!

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