1001 uses for plastic wrap

Yes, that is plastic wrap hanging out of my son's diaper.  No, he is not just sitting on it in his exersaucer.  Yes, it is there on purpose!  Any more questions??  Really?  Oh, ok...  let me try and answer them all for you.

Today, I am trying to 'catch' my son's BM so that I can quickly run it (and him) into the clinic for some tests.  Hence the plastic wrap.  The BM is not supposed to touch his diaper (lest it be contaminated by the chemicals in the diaper! - makes you think twice about disposables, doesn't it??), and since it's not so easy to convince a 10-month old to go in a cup, I have lined his diaper with plastic wrap, as the clinic suggested.

Then the fun part...  I have to bundle him and myself up get us all (including said BM) out the door and to the clinic across town in less than 30 minutes.  Oh joy.  I can hardly get us out of the house in 30 minutes, let alone be somewhere 10 minutes away!!

So, the game has begun.  I am dressed and ready to go.  His clothes and clean (plastic wrap-less) diaper are ready to be changed into as soon as he has done his business.  Knowing me, I will probably get all the way there and realize I have left the goods behind!

Oh well.  He has to have a blood test also, so the trip won't be wasted either way.

Anyways, back to the purpose for all this fun and excitement in our day...  (ha!)

As most of you know (and some of you don't!) Bjorn has had silent reflux since he was born.  The first 10+ weeks of his life were miserable for us and torturous for him.  He cried pretty much non-stop, and was only content being held (in his Moby Wrap!) or nursing.

When we finally discovered what was wrong with him, we were able to try a few meds and found one that worked!  He was put on Prevacid and it made an immediate difference in the quality of his life (and ours!).

Fast forward about 8 months...  he is still on Prevacid every day, and is just not quite right.  He coughs a lot, often waking himself up from sleep.  He gags and spits up constantly.  He still wants to nurse every few hours, and often just needs to be 'comforted' for no apparent reason.  He always congested and has a persistent rattle in his lungs (to us, apparently though his lungs are fine!).

So, we are headed on a journey to figure out what is wrong with him!  We will be making an appointment with a GI doc at Seattle's Children's Hospital, which is what these tests are for.  Hopefully it will be a quick and painless process for all of us to help him get better!!

I will keep you all posted as we move forward and learn more.  At this point, we appreciate your prayers!!  (especially as I have to take him in for his blood-work later today!)  :o(  I am not looking forward to that!

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