about an egg...

I love eggs.  Seriously.  I do.  Especially when they are pretty, multi-colored fresh eggs straight from the chickens of a friend!  It doesn't get much better than these...
Aren't they pretty??  If it weren't for having to keep the darn things cold, I would leave them out on my counter for decoration, they're so cute!  (And this picture doesn't do them justice...  if only you could see the pretty blue tint that makes me feel like Martha Stewart just for having them in my house!)

Now, a part of me wanted to just keep them in my fridge to look at (my own personal fridge-arrangement!)... but I just had to try them!  And what better way is there to have an egg than fried in a little butter, and served on some multigrain sourdough toast!?
They were scrumptious.  So flavorful, and bright and fresh-tasting...  I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to boring old grocery-store eggs!

Which leads me to another dilemma...  How can I convince my husband that we NEED chickens??  I mean just think of all the money we would save on eggs alone!!  Advice ladies??  Anyone have to do any convincing to get chickens at their house?  What worked??  :o)
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