the dress my boy is wearing...

Ok, so I now feel the need to explain the "dress" that Bjørn is wearing in this picture.
It is, in fact, not a dress, but a sleeping bag.  A wearable blanket that stays with him as he rolls and wiggles all over his crib.

I think this picture shows it better...
We have 2 of these sleeping bags.  Both from Aden + Anaiis, both 100% cotton muslin...  one warm 4-layer for cold nights, and one cool single-layer for warmer nights.  They are heaven.  They are so soft and cozy, and they alleviate the need for me to check in on my baby every 5 minutes to make sure he still is covered by his blankets!

The one in these pictures is the lightweight single-layer one, that we use on warm nights and for naps...  and will use most of the summer!

I will post a picture of the cozy 4-layer one when I get a chance...  it's even cuter, with a bright alphabet print and orange trim!

Now really...  did you actually think I would put my boy in a dress with monkeys all over it??  :o)  Come on now!!

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