maui here we come!

Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, we will be waking up two peacefully sleeping boys and taking them to the airport.

We are running away to Maui...  for a well-earned vacation, and to find the sun!

After one of the worst summer's for weather that we have ever had in the Pacific Northwest...  we need this warmth and sun more than you would believe.

Seriously...  I am cold to the center of my bones.

Now, don't get me wrong...  I am still loving this beautiful cold fall weather and looking forward to my favorite season:  Winter!  (Hello!  Christmas!!!)  

But...  we had better get a good snow-full winter to make up for it, is all I have to say.

Anyways, while we are off enjoying our sun and family time, I will be posting as much as possible.

Probably not everyday, and definitely not many (if any) recipes, but lots of little snippets and ramblings so you can enjoy our trip with us, if you'd like.

Goodness though...  I wish you could all come with us!  How fun would that be?!

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