how to make a toasted coconut baby

What did that title actually make you think you were coming here to read?

Some fancy new coconut dessert?

A dutch baby laced with toasted coconut maybe?

Nope!  This is actually nothing of the sort.

I recently discovered that Haakon, my youngest, has inherited the eczema that plagues my husband's family.

It has just shown up on his skin in the last week or so, but it is running rampant and getting worse every day.

The back of his knees, his torso, his arms and legs...  Pretty much his whole body is affected in some way or another.

I am not ready to start trying out strong creams on him yet though, so we are starting with the basics...

Keeping his skin as moisturized, protected and healthy as possible.

This is where the Toasted Coconut Baby part comes in.

Every night, after his bath and before his jammies, I slather Haakon from head to toe with virgin coconut oil...

and he smells amazing.

Seriously... amazing.

I thought I had a problem with wanting to 'eat my babies up' before, but now...

Now he smells exactly like a big pile of perfectly toasted coconut flakes, and he makes me drool.

And I may have licked his arm once or twice last night.  May have.  :o)

Here's hoping this helps!

At least we know it's not hurting, and it makes for the most delicious smelling baby you've ever met!!

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