shopping on a budget... and breaking dawn

We're trying a new thing around here.

Yes, we may be a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but life has necessitated this change.

I am now doing all of our grocery shopping on a budget.

A very strict, this is how much cash you have for the month and when you're out you're out, budget.

And I must say...  as much as I didn't love the idea at first, it has definitely made me a more responsible shopper.

Responsible grocery shopping is not my forté....  I like to splurge.

I like to buy what I feel like buying, not just what I need to buy.

But we all know that kind of mindset is dangerous.  Very dangerous.  (Unless you're name happens to by Ina Garten or Giada DeLaurentiis, of course!)

Today was a real test of my budget shopping.

I needed to do a big Costco-run, and I had a very tight window of cash in which to get everything on my carefully calculated list.

And then I walked in the door...  and saw the display of Breaking Dawn DVDs.


That was definitely not on my list.  My very tight, we have no extra money and this has to last us until the end of the month, list.

So, I did what any responsible mom would do....

I sacrificed the boys' goldfish crackers, and the family's bacon and lemons.

We can survive without those until next month, right?

A happy mom = a happy family, or something like that?!  :o)

Do you shop on a tight (cash) budget?  How or when do you splurge??

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