We have a happy boy who plays!  I never thought this day would come.  

But I guess that's not really true.  I did think this day would come, but I couldn't even fathom when it would come.  It was so hard to see past the tears and pain that were our normal everyday life.  It was so hard to imagine a baby that would smile more than once or twice a day and that would look at me with joy instead of pain!

Bjorn still has a ways to go, but he has so many more happy moments in his day and so many fewer episodes of pain.  I've even caught myself surprised by his pain, when for so long I have always expected it!  It's such an amazing feeling.  

Right now I am even typing two-handed... which has not happened in months!... while Bjorn is happily playing on his new-to-us play mat that our friends Sam and Berlin gave him.  I almost feel more akward now about trying to type with both hands, than with just one like I'm used to.  :o)

He loves the birds and monkeys and the pretty rainbow above his head.  Berlin had so much fun showing him all the toys and so wanted to pick him up and play with him!  He was a little too big for her though...  but he put up with her flirting!  Such a boy.  :o)

Isn't this such a peaceful face?  Can you see how not in pain he is here?

Our life is finally semi-calm (hey, we do still have a rambunctious 7 year old running around!), and I'm trying to get used to this new normal.  I am so used to his constant misery that I keep having to be reminded that this is normal life with a baby...  playing, smiling talking...  and I am loving it!  

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