Sleep Pea Pod...

You've heard my talk about our Miracle Blankets and how amazing they are at helping Bjorn sleep at night.  Now I would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours...  the Sleep Pea Pod!

We've been starting to use it for naps during the day, as it swaddles and comforts Bjorn, but also allows him some movement in his lighter day-time sleep!  

I had been looking for something different, as I didn't want to use his night-time routine for his naps, in case that might confuse him...  (night sleep is SO much more important to me than long naps!).

 When we were down in Portland a few weekends ago for Bjorn's baby shower, he was not having a great day, and so we tried a Sleep Pea Pod that my cousin (and Bjorn's Godmother) Susie had used for her daughter Sarah.   (Susie's holding him in this picture from the shower... and hey...  real men aren't afraid to wear pink!)  :o)

He had a nice little nap, and she offered to let us take it home, but I forgot it.  Instead of trying to connect with her to get that one, I just decided to order a new one, and I'm so glad I did!

Doesn't he just look so calm and peaceful?  Sweet as a pea??  

Oh, and we got the pillow from my cousins at Bjorn's baby shower a few weeks ago...  in case you can't read it, it says "Now I Lay Me Down To CRASH".  So cute!  Thanks Gretchen and Emily!

**I realize as I'm reading this that my thoughts are a little scattered!  :o)  Oh well, must be the heat (all-time record highs here this week.  104 in Seattle today!)...  and I'm too tired to try and make more sense of what's going on in my brain!  Mostly I just wanted to tell you about this great new (to us) product and show off some pics of my oh-so-cute boy!   Now I'm going to go take a cold shower and go to bed with a fan blowing on me.  Goodnight, moon!**
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