a day in the life...

of my...  kitchen!

Just in case you've ever wondered 'how I do it' with all these littles underfoot, here's a glimpse into a day in my kitchen (or rather a day when cookies actually get baked!):

6:45am - coffee is turned on (Yay!!)

7:00am - I pour myself a cup of coffee and then the kitchen is immediately invaded by littles who are "SO hungry mommy!" and proceed to eat us out of house and home.  A typical breakfast:  scrambled eggs, yogurts while the eggs are cooking because they take too long.  Dry cereal after the yogurts are done, because the eggs are still not done and they're STARVING.  (All while holding a fussy little Maren.  Coffee is obviously forgotten and cold.)

7:15am - eggs are served, toast is made, because everyone is still hungry, and then hopefully I get to wash a few breakfast dishes and clean up before someone needs something else.

7:20am - I pour my 2nd attempt at a cup of coffee and get 2 sips before everyone is all of a sudden SO thirsty and more milk/water is needed and Baby Girl needs her morning cuddles.  (Coffee gets ignored and cold again.)

8:00am - I get to finish cleaning up the kitchen while Baby Girl naps and the boys play or watch Sesame Street.

8:30am - Baby Girl wakes up again and I quickly pour myself a new cup of coffee before sitting down to feed/cuddle her while we finish watching Sesame Street with the littles.

9:00am - the boys are "so huuuungry, mommy!" again and snack-time commences.

9:15am - the kitchen gets cleaned again and wiped down thoroughly so I can bake later if I get in the mood or find time!

10:00am - the boys are playing, the baby is napping in her swing, moby or ergo, and I start measuring out ingredients for cookies.

10:05am - the boys see what I'm doing and come running to "help" and "have one" of whatever is going on.

10:15am - ingredients are measured out and prepped, but Baby Girl decides she's hungry again and we're on hold.

11:00am - the boys are suddenly starving again, and lunchtime begins.

11:15am - the kitchen gets re-cleaned so I can finish the cookies.

11:30am - baby feeding time again, so baking is still on hold.

12:00pm - the dough is mixed together...  and then placed into the fridge because someone needs something...  again.

2:00pm - the oven is preheated and the cookies are formed and baked...  one sheet at a time...  while dinner is slowly prepped and made amidst all the interruptions and distractions.

5:00pm - the cookies are finally all baked, cooled and put away.  Dinner is served.

6:30pm - bedtimes snacks for the littles while I get a chance to clean up the kitchen.

7:00pm - boys are in bed and I get to wash all the dirty dishes without distraction.  (Our dishwasher is broken.  I actually don't mind washing dishes by hand, I just hate having to start and stop a million times!)

7:30pm - I prep the coffee maker for the morning and run a quick vacuum on the kitchen floor if I haven't had a chance yet... and then snuggle in my big comfy chair with my sweet baby girl. Finally getting to enjoy some quiet cuddles before we all crash for the night!

9:00pm - evening snack-time for me (and the husband, if he's home!) and another quick clean-up.

10:00pm - one last longing glance at my clean, quiet kitchen (man I wish I had the stamina to stay up all night and bake while the kids are sleeping!) and I'm off to bed to dream about all the things I wish I could be baking & cooking!

Whew!  I'm tired just reading all that again.

What does a day in your kitchen look like?

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