more good reads...

Here are a few more of my favorite internet reads lately!

I read a lot of good stuff everyday...  but there are a few things that I come across that I just can't help but share.

These are the posts that bring me to tears, or leave me laughing out loud.  The ones I think about over and over again as my day goes by.

The ones I go back to, to fill my heart on dry days.


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In which I practice realistic expectations - another beautiful Practices of Mothering post from Emerging Mummy

I love Sarah's words here...  not only on keeping realistic expectations for our tinies, but also for keeping realistic expectations for ourselves!

change the world with a diaper change - by lowercase letters

Beautiful.  Just...  beautiful.

How to Talk to Little Girls - from Huffington Post

This is such a great reminder on how we really should treat our girls.  Praise their brains, not just their beauty!

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus - Spoken Word

This YouTube video is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Brings tears to my eyes and AMEN to my lips!  The title says it all.  Please go check it out!  

Rebirth: What We Don't Say - by The Sage Mama

This article is so my life right now.  Finding the new me after my children have erased the old.  And no, that is not a bad thing!  Love this!!
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