Open Sky

Ok, I know we all get more 'Deal Site' offers than we can even handle.  In fact, my inbox is full of them right now...  But I have never been as excited about one as I am this one, so I just had to share!

From their website:

"Open Sky is “… Twitter, but with shopping.” – USA Today

A social network of shoppers, OpenSky taps you into exclusive food, style, healthy living, and home design sales that are handpicked by a bevy of curators you choose to follow. Each week, your arbiters single out the item they fancy the most and give you first dibs to purchase it up to 60% off.

Like picking your circle of friends, you edit what products you see by choosing the curators you want to hear from. Plus finds don’t just disappear at midnight; purchase items in your curator’s collection for happiness guaranteed without the time crunch."

Basically it is amazing deals on food stuff... and baking stuff...  and cooking stuff...  and other fun stuff...  all picked by some of our favorite celebrity chefs and others!

Ok...  I'll stop now.  Besides I have to go so I can drool over all the stuff I would love to have, while my boys nap...

Click here if you'd like to go check it out!

**Note:  This is not a paid endorsement or anything more than my personal excitement to share my new find with you! **

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