where I went...

...besides crazy, I mean!

I have been taking care of a house-full of sick kiddos (and myself) this past week.

First Bjørn, then me, then Navy...  I'm really hoping the others don't get it.

And as the icing on all the chaos...  Bjørn's last [ahem] 'explosion' was all over my laptop!  I guess he wanted to go out with a bang.  :o(

I haven't even tried to turn it on yet, I'm too scared...  if you don't mind sending up a prayer that it will work when I try on Monday morning, I would appreciate it!  I really don't know what I'll do if it's a goner.  (I'm posting from my mom's computer right now!)

On that much brighter note, we are spending this beautiful warm sunny weekend in the Big City with my family...  and I couldn't ask for a better distraction from the 'computer-black-cloud' that is hanging over our house!

I hope you are all having as beautiful a weekend as we are!  I'll miss you friends, while I'm gone...  fingers crossed that I'm able to get back in business soon!!

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