slow cooker whole "faux-tisserie" chicken

We all know how much I love the rotisserie "cheater chickens" from the grocery store (or more specifically, Costco!), right?

Well, I do...  and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

But sometimes (though I don't really know why...) I feel the urge to buy plain-old raw chicken, which then sits in my freezer being ignored while I continue to buy Cheater Chickens almost every time I go to Costco!

I think I just can't ignore the aroma when I walk by.  It consumes me and takes me by sheer force.

So, months later when I remember that I have 'real' chickens in my freezer, I decide it's time to use them.  Enter:  the Faux-tisserie Chicken!

Cooked in the Crockpot with minimal prep-work, this chicken is almost as good as an honest-to-goodness rotisserie chicken!  (Maybe even better, depending on where you buy your 'cheaters' and the quality of your 'real' chicken!)

Try this next time you remember that whole chicken sitting in your freezer being ignored!  (Or next time one of your roosters makes a bit too much noise in the morning!  What?  You know you've thought it before!)  :o)

"Faux-tisserie" Chicken Recipe
adapted from Saved By The Egg Timer

One whole chicken, small enough to fit in your slow cooker, thawed
about 1/4 cup seasoning salt (store bought or homemade)
aluminum foil or 3 medium onions

Place 3 aluminum-foil balls (about the size of your fist) or 3 medium, peeled onions in the bottom of the slow cooker.

Rinse the chicken in cold water, removing any 'extra-parts' hidden in the body cavities (I know, gross huh?  Does anyone really use those?!) and pat dry with paper towels.

Place the chicken, breast side up, on the foil balls or onions in the slow cooker.  (The foil balls keep the chicken up out of it's juices so that it doesn't steam!)

Slide your hand in between the skin and the breast, separating it without tearing the skin. Take about a tablespoon of seasoning salt (or salt and a bunch of seasonings, whatever you like!) and rub it in between the skin and breast.

Take the remaining seasoning salt and rub it all over the outside of the chicken and sprinkle it into the cavity.

Cover the slow cooker, turn on LOW, and cook for 6-8 hours - depending on the size of your chicken, until the juices run clear and the chicken is falling apart tender.

(Save the juice to make gravy, or just spoon it as is over the chicken when you serve it!)

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