why there are no tomatoes...

I just realized I'm not sure how many of you know why I haven't posted many recipes with tomatoes in them recently...  or in, say, the last 8+ months?

Maybe you already know.  Or maybe you don't even care?

Either way, I feel the need to explain!

Because here's the thing...  I am not picky.  Yes, there are a few things that are not my favorites, but there's not much I won't eat.  Snails, maybe.  And Rocky Mountain Oysters... but that's beside the point.


Tomatoes, I love!  I would eat them everyday, if I could.  And I even have 3 beautiful tomato plants on my deck, teasing me with their intoxicating aroma!

But, see, there is a problem.  A big, huge, unavoidable and absolutely adorable problem...

His name is Haakon.

This sweet, happy, joy-of-my-heart nursling hates tomatoes...  or at least, his stomach does!

Every time I eat a tomato, or touch a tomato, or even look at a tomato (or so it seems!), he gets sick... Fussy, miserable and then vomits.  And it breaks my heart.

Therefore, as much as I absolutely adore tomatoes, we no longer have them in this house.  Yes, the rest of my family can still eat tomatoes...  but I love them so much that it hurts to serve them and not be able to eat them myself.

No joke, I almost cried the other day because Andrew made his yummy Buffalo Chicken Chili in the slow cooker and I couldn't have any.  And it smelled so good.  So, SO good.

I almost cried.  Or maybe I really did cry.   I'll never tell.

And yes, I sometimes even dream about tomatoes.  I wake up in the morning dreaming about spaghetti, and creamy tomato basil soup, and taco soup,  and BLTs, and pizza...  oh, how I dream about pizza!

But you know what?  This too shall pass.  And this sweet boy... my happy, happy baby...  is so worth it.

He is worth every craving-that-cannot-be-fulfilled.  He is worth every recipe that would be that much better with tomatoes.  He is worth missing out on one of my favorite things...

Because he is one of my most favorite things!

And when the day comes that we can eat tomatoes again...  they will taste that much sweeter!  (And you will be seeing nothing but red on this blog!)  :o)

(Oh, we are also not OK with Citrus.  But that's not as painful for me now.  It was bad during the winter orange and satsuma season, but we got through it!)

Did your nurslings have sensitivities like these?  If you had to cut out foods, when were you able to enjoy them again??

Did you dream about your 'off-limits' foods like I do?  Or am I crazy??

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