speaking life instead of death...

Ever since reading Sarah from Emerging Mummy's post a few weeks ago In Which She Speaks Life into herself and her tinies, I have been struck with a real urgency in how my words speak truth into our lives.

I have realized that when I talk to someone about Bjørn and tell them how "difficult" he is...  I am tearing him down.  I am telling him that I am disappointed in his personality and who he is.  I am letting myself believe that he is difficult...  and I am killing his spirit.

But if I have that same conversation, instead saying how "passionate" he is (different word, same point made!)...  I am building him up!  I am telling him that I am proud of who he is, and that he can use his personality traits for good in his life!

What I am really doing is taking a sometimes frustrating personality trait in a toddler and focusing on what that trait will be when he grows up!

Yes, my two-year-old is passionate...  very full of life...  difficult sometimes...  but the things that make him difficult now just may be the things that make him extra special later!

He is stubborn.  And that stubbornness drives me nuts most days, but I pray that his stubbornness keeps him on the 'straight and narrow' path as he gets older...  keeping him from being swayed so easily by his peers and the temptations of this life...  Helping him be a leader, instead of a follower!

He is emotional.  Whether he is sad, happy, or angry...  whatever the emotion, he does it loud!  He is passionate, and I pray that his passion leads him to love loud...  showing those in his life that he cares and doing everything he can to make sure they know it to their very cores.

Yes, he may be only 2 years old...  but he hears everything I say.  And I want him to know that I think highly of him and am proud of the person he is growing up to be!  I am not just miserably waiting for him to 'grow up already'.

I have also realized how my words speak truth into my own spirit as well!

When I tell myself I am a good mom, I believe I am a good mom.  When I tell myself I am failing and doing a miserable job of it, I also believe that I am failing and doing a miserable job of it.  And I am killing my own spirit.

Which of these mindsets do you think leads to a happier, healthier family?

Today I promise to speak LIFE into the hearts of my children, my family and myself.  Tomorrow I will make that same promise.  And again each day until I die.

Will I always keep that promise without failure?  I'm sure not.  But I will ask forgiveness when I do fail, and continue to focus on building up instead of tearing down.

Will you join me in this quest to speak life instead of death into the hearts of those we love?

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