what I miss...

I miss eating at a restaurant sitting down.  With no interruptions...  no Cheerios on the floor... and no need to factor in the cost of a babysitter.

I miss traveling.  I miss seeing a great deal on an all-inclusive 3 night stay in the Bahamas for $100 and actually booking it and running away for a bit.  With no months/years of planning, preparing and again...  babysitters.

I miss coffee shops.  I get plenty of coffee (Who am I kidding?  I may as well have an IV hooked up to my arm!) but I miss sitting in a coffee shop.  With no toddler spilling his hot chocolate all over the place and tearing the pages of my magazine.  I miss people-watching and enjoying being silent, just because.

I miss going to a park to lay on a blanket in the sun, reading a book until I fall asleep.  I miss quietly enjoying the trees and clouds and the cool breeze across my face... without someone pulling my hair, and again...  ripping the pages in my book.

I miss closing my eyes.  Resting.  Napping.  Thinking extra hard about something.  Blinking.  Eye closing is not an advisable feat with toddlers and babies all around you.  Something happens...  every. time.

I miss going to sleep when I want to.  Reading until I can't keep my eyes open anymore...  not caring when I fall asleep, because it really doesn't matter how tired I am tomorrow.  Nobody's life is at stake.

But someday I will have all of that again.  I will go to nice restaurants, and coffee shops...  I will travel and I will read uninterrupted...

But you know what?

I will miss of all this even more.

I will miss the hair pulling and the page ripping.

I will miss the hot chocolate spills and the Cheerios crumbs.

I will miss the sweet baby needing me even when I'm tired.

I will miss the sticky, slobbery kisses... the toddler hugs and the "Hi Mommy!  Yuh You!!"...

I will miss this...  all of this...  SO MUCH.

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