sometimes there is just no better feeling...

than sitting here in my quiet house full of my sleeping loves, closing my eyes and just being.

Still.  Calm.  Quiet.  Gentle.

Breathing in...  and out... and savoring each uninterrupted breath.

Listening to the nighttime sounds of my loves in their beds.  The soft breathing.  The gentle rustle.  The murmers and sighs...

My heart fills with so much love that I can do nothing but savor the feeling of love consuming me.

I miss them so much when they are sleeping.

And so I gaze in on my sweet little loves, always one last time, before closing my own eyes for sleep.

Touching their angelic faces...  kissing their warm, rosy cheeks... and tucking them carefully into their beds.

Thanking God for loaning them to me, for now.  Praying for the strength and grace to mother them the way they need to be mothered.   Praying that they will always know how much I love them.

And how much He loves them.

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