homemade Starbucks apple chai infusion (hot apple cider chai tea)

Have you ever tried Starbucks' Apple Chai Infusion that they sell in the fall & winter?

I fell in love with it last winter and it's still one of my favorite drinks!  (Here's a tip:  It's not on the menu, but they can make it year-round if you ask for it!)

This is my version of the drink, for a fraction of the price and all the same flavor!

I like this best with Tazo Chai (the same stuff Starbucks uses!), which you can buy at most grocery stores and is nice and spicy, but use whatever Chai concentrate you like!  (It must be concentrate for this though...  powder would just be weird!)

Also, if you can get your hands on fresh pressed apple cider, or can make your own, that will make it even better!  But store bought will work just fine too!

Apple Cider Chai Tea Recipe

1 gallon apple cider (fresh-pressed or store-bought!)
1 32-oz box Tazo chai concentrate

Slow Cooker Directions:
Pour both the juice and the chai concentrate into the slow cooker.  Turn on LOW and heat until hot (can simmer all day!).  Keep the slow cooker on WARM and serve directly out of it!

Stove-Top Directions:
Pour both the juice and the chai concentrate into a large pot.  Cover, turn the heat to low, and simmer gently until it is nice and hot or up to 6 hours!  Remove the lid and turn off the heat, keeping the pot on the warm burner, and serve as needed!

Whichever method you use, your house will smell amazing!!

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