good reads, episode 1...

I've been thinking lately about how there is so much out there on the web that touches my heart that I wish I could share with you.

I keep these treasures bookmarked away for myself, but they are just too good not to share!

I hope to keep doing this every few months, or whenever I have a few greats to share... so for now, here is episode 1 of good reads, blog posts I love:

True Friendship – How to Help When Someone You Love is Grieving

So much loss in this world.  So much pain.  In light of all the losses in the lives of people I love lately, this post from Organic Mama Cafe really hit home.

breastfeeding as worship

This is such a great article from SORTA Crunchy on breastfeeding and the Christian community...  I wish every church and every believer would share this and take it to heart!

how to find joy -- in motherhood

I love this post from Emerging Mummy so much.  It's so easy to forget that what's most important is the right now...  not waiting for what will be!

In which I am speaking life

Words Matter.  Something I need to be reminded of every. single. day.  Again from Emerging Mummy (Can you tell she is one of my favorites?)

In which I pray into the questions

A beautiful article for the introverts among us.  Sometimes we need time away.  Not because we love our family any less, but because we need to draw closer to Him.  Even Jesus needed time away!  I love that!!  (Emerging Mummy again...)

In which a 2-year old teaches you how to pray

One more (this one is a guest post, but also from Emerging Mummy) that so strongly touched my heart.  "Jesus.  Mommy.  Daddy."  Sometimes the words from a child's lips are more than enough.

Wow.  I guess I could have titled this post "An Ode to Emerging Mummy".  But it is what it is.  She inspires me!

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