remembering 9/11 with pizza & frrrozen hot chocolate...

Why pizza?  Because when I think of New York, I think of pizza.  And frrrozen hot chocolates...  although I've never been to New York and I've never had a frrrozen hot chocolate.

Someday I will go to Serendipity and have one...  I will eat some pizza and I will visit Ground Zero and mourn the lost.  I will pray and grieve along with the rest.

And I will remember how blessed I am to be able to hold my loved ones close.

While we eat our pizza and enjoy our frozen hot chocolates tonight, we will remember and relive the day that so changed our country and its people.  We will tell our children about the day they weren't even alive to see.

We will teach them, so that they remember...  even though they weren't there.

Where were YOU when 9/11 changed you?

I was working at a scandinavian tour company.

My husband was expecting the birth of his son in a few months.

My boys were not yet alive.

2 of the 3 were not even imagined yet.  It's hard to believe that this even that so powerfully changed us is not even a part of their life histories!  In some ways it feels like yesterday...  even though it was 10 years ago.

My heart breaks just thinking about the pain of that day.  I didn't know anyone personally killed in the attacks, but I felt the pain of the lost as though they were mine.

Because they were mine.  And they were yours.  All of ours.  Our people.  Our pain.

We suffered together.  And we are healing together.  Everyday stronger.  Every year remembering.

To the lost:  We remember you.  We will always remember you.

(The Freedom Tower on 9.9.11 - taken by my sweet friend Kathy)

(p.s. Serendipity's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate recipe can be found here.)

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