a salmon cook-off...

This week we were gifted with a huge beautiful fresh-out-of-the-river-just-hours-before wild salmon from one of the kids on my husband's soccer team!

(One of the many reasons I love living in the Pacific Northwest...)

Seriously though...  seafood doesn't get much better than this!

Of course, we couldn't completely agree on how we wanted to prep the salmon for grilling, so we decided to have a little cook-off!

We took two big filets and we each prepped one.  They both were cooked on the grill on a cedar plank for the same amount of time...

Andrew's was topped with seasoning salt, lots of fresh-cracked black pepper, thinly sliced onions, and lemon slices (and a drizzle of olive oil).

Mine was spread with a layer of mayo (yep!), seasoning salt, garlic pepper, and also had lemon slices!

They were both amazing!

My mayo version (a recipe I learned from some friends...  a Norwegian fishing family!) was a bit more moist, but they were both so full of flavor...  and I loved the onions on Andrew's version!  And actually a bit more olive oil on Andrew's version would have balanced out the moistness of both.

Bottom line...  It really doesn't matter much what you put on a salmon, if it is as fresh as this one was!


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