"Faithful Place" review, for the BlogHer Book Club

Faithful Place by Tana French is a book full of 'hindsight'. All it took was the first sentence of the prologue to hook me in; "In all your life, only a few moments matter. Mostly you never get a good look at them except in hindsight, long after they've zipped past you...".

Diving back into his past after 20+ years hiding from it, Frank Mackey uncovers more secrets than he ever dreamed possible and handles them with more composure than I could even imagine.

His family is just as colorful as your family and mine, if not more, and his relationship with his siblings made my heart melt... even in the midst of turmoil. [...]

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the BlogHer Book Club, I was given this book to review and compensated for my time... but please be assured that the opinions expressed are mine, and mine alone!

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