Starbucks iced white chocolate peppermint americano... cheater style

Strong, cold coffee...   creamy sweetened condensed milk...  refreshing peppermint...  and a splash of rich heavy cream...  all poured over lots of ice...  makes for a perfect drink for a hot summer's day!

Tasting just as good as a coffee-shop treat, for only a fraction of the price...  makes this drink perfect for every summer day!

Ok, so I know I might be a little late in the game with this iced coffee recipe, but summer just came to the Pacific Northwest.  Seriously...  just!

It has been cold and dreary all summer...  up until this week when the kids all went back to school and now it's finally nice out!

Like high 80's, swim in the pool all day, too-hot-to-drink-anything-that's-not-iced kind of nice!

I have been dreaming up this drink for a while now, but it just hasn't been nice enough to remember to make it.

It really does taste just like my favorite Starbucks drink in the summer...  an iced white chocolate peppermint americano with a splash of heavy cream!  So good! 

(If you really want to kick it up a notch, add some Kahlúa, or Starbucks Coffee Liqueur!)

Peppermint is what I keep on hand, but you could use any type of flavored beverage syrup.  Vanilla would be good...  or caramel...  or hazelnut...  yum...

Creamy Iced White Chocolate Peppermint Coffee Recipe

lots of ice
1 oz peppermint syrup (any flavor is fine!)
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
cold double-strength coffee*
1/2-1 tablespoon heavy cream
1-2 tablespoons Kahlúa, optional

Fill a tall glass with lots of ice.  Pour the peppermint syrup and sweetened condensed milk over the ice. Fill almost to the top with coffee (& Kahlúa, if using).  Stir well.  Top with half a tablespoon or so of heavy cream, to taste, and stir.  Enjoy!

*Cold Double-Strength Coffee Instructions:
I pour 4 cups of water into my coffee maker.  Then I put in enough coffee to make 8 cups.  Brew as usual and then chill in a pitcher in the fridge.  I usually do this in the morning so that I can make iced coffee in the afternoon!  (And this makes 3 big drinks...  2 for me and 1 for Andrew!)  :o)

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