fresh cherry almond yogurt parfaits

I am a huge fan of fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits.  Something about the combination of flavors and textures just always makes me happy.

And this is one of my favorite combinations yet!

Fresh, juicy, sweet Bing cherries just couldn't be any more perfect right now and I love the hint of almond complementing the cherries.

(I also discovered some amazing granola recently in our short visit to the Gluten Free world.

Udi's has a great variety of all-natural gluten free granolas, and since they are still just as wonderful as any other non-gf granola, we are happily eating through our stash...  even though we aren't trying to have Bjørn eat gluten free anymore.)

Of course a generous topping of delicious granola is crucial for a great parfait!

Give this a try next time you've got a parfait-craving, or want to impress some breakfast or brunch guests.  So fun!

Fresh Cherry Almond Yogurt Parfaits Recipe

plain yogurt
pure almond extract
fresh cherries, pitted & halved
your favorite granola

In a small bowl, stir together some of the yogurt with a splash of almond extract.

Layer in a mason jar or a pretty glass:  cherries, almond yogurt & granola.  Repeat layering as often as you'd like!

Serve immediately or store for up to several hours in the fridge.

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