I was that girl...

the one who thought she had all the answers.

the one who said "if she would do this..." or "if he would just not do that..."

the one who was happy to throw out advice.

the one who could always calm a fussy baby and even get him to sleep.

the one who was never going to let her babies sleep in her bed at night.

the one who judged.

the one who thought she was right.

the one who knew it would be easy.

And then...

I became this mom.

The one who knows she doesn't have any of the answers.

The one who cringes at "if only's" and understands that there are no perfect rules.

The one who has little advice, except to trust your mommy-heart instincts.

The one who can't even calm her own fussy babies without popping a boob in their mouths!

The one who has a baby sleeping with her almost every night.

The one who is no longer quick to judge.

The one who knows she's probably not right about much of anything.

The one who knows it's never easy being a mom...

But boy is it worth it!

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