we're going on a trip!!

Yep, it's true...  2 weeks from now, I will be sitting on the beach in Maui hanging out with some of my favorite people!

To say I am excited is an understatement...  This trip is much needed in this crazy busy season of our lives.  I am counting down the days, hours and minutes... I am so excited!

I am more than a bit nervous for the traveling part though.  Thankfully we were able to get direct flights this time...  transferring planes with 2 kiddos, luggage, car seats, etc?  Scary!!

Do you have any tips for me??  Tricks?  Advice?  Warnings???

Besides bringing the grandparents that is...  we've got that part covered.  ;o)

I have flown with Bjørn as a baby a few times, but never with 2 kiddos... and never with a toddler!

(Thank goodness for family coming along.  I'm sure I wouldn't survive this without them.)

Oh and in case you were wondering...  last time we went to Hawaii, we had a cute little 7-month-old Bjørn along.  And he was that baby.  He screamed.  The whole. flight. home.  :o(  Torture...  for me and everyone else on that poor flight!

Now you understand my fears, yes?

I can't wait to hear your tips!!  Bring 'em on friends!

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